“Your theraphypnotherapy in gloucester testimonials, best therapy, helen frenchy is working. This morning was a huge test for me and I am definitely more able to deal with the 8-legged creatures better! This morning I came down to a granddad spider in my sink – I calmly placed a cup over him and took him outside into the back garden. Normally I would have killed him instantly...woohoo!!"

(Chris, spider phobia since age 5)

"I am very grateful for all the help you gave my daughter - she understands what she needs to keep doing and wouldn't have got there without your help. You were incredibly kind and patient with her, giving us both hope when there didn't seem to be much. Thank you doesn't really seem enough."

(Janey, 10 years, talented gymnast, traumatised after a fall in training - achieved gold medal in first competition following a year away from competing)

"Hypnotherapy with Helen has helped me hugely. With a long history of depression, anxiety and poor sleep I have tried a myriad of talk therapies which sadly did nothing to alleviate my problems. Hypnotherapy has a completely different emphasis (not dwelling on past traumas, which actually left me feeling much worse). After putting into practice what Helen taught me I started to feel not only better about my life as it is now, but started to see that my life has a brightness to it that I thought had gone forever. My sleep is greatly improved too, and my reduced anxiety means I am more able to cope with stressful situations. Helen is a warm, caring and confident professional who is passionate about the benefits of hypnotherapy."


"Helen's sessions helped me out so much. I first started visiting her to get help for symptoms of anxiety, and after just a couple of sessions I could feel a noticeable difference in my stress levels, tension, and pain. I felt calmer and, dare I say, more relaxed than I had in a very long time. Helen was also able to help me to overcome my fear of flying. For years I had been a mess before getting on a plane, and most flights resulted in a full-blown panic attack. I was amazed - I flew to the U.S.A and back without even breaking a sweat! I had reached the point where I thought I'd never be able to manage a flight longer than two hours, yet I was able to sit back and relax in peace on an 11-hour flight back from Los Angeles. Thank you, Helen!"

(Trudi, 28)

“Feeling so consumed by my health anxiety I questioned the effects of hypnotherapy - it was something I was sceptical about as I feared the unknown. Very early on in my sessions my opinion changed completely. Helen helped me to understand the mind and the anatomical structures of the brain that influence feelings of anxiety. Having completed the sessions I feel at such ease with myself knowing that when I have off days, which are scarce, I know how to better manage them and change the way I think.  Hypnotherapy was an extremely positive experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Helen.”

(Natasha, 21)

“After developing an extensive rash, caused primarily by stress, I tried hypnotherapy.  I looked forward to sessions and by the 2nd visit identified how I needed to change my approach.  Now the rash has gone, I am less anxious and have a positive approach to dealing with life's challenges.”

(Celia, 56) 




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