Fees and Paperwork

The Initial Consultation is free and usually over phone, and we discuss your problems and, most importantly, your hopes for the future. I will also explain how hypnotherapy can help you in this process, with incost-effective, best hypnotherapy, gloucester, ffrenchteresting details about how your brain works and how scientific evidence can help us understand how to retrain the brain for our benefit. 

I do 75-90 mins sessions and offer a discount upfront payment option-
£540 for 4 (plus free one = £108 each for 5) or £130 for individual sessions. This represents a big saving and is basically £72 hr.

(In some situations I am happy to split the upfront discount fee into 2 payments.)

The number of sessions varies by individual, and phobias and some conditions, such as fears and phobias, will require fewer sessions than others.

Results are often more rapidly achieved than through counselling or psychotherapy.

I deliver a one-off stop-smoking session (1½ - 2 hours) for £300. This includes any required follow-up support.

For weight loss I have developed a six- session programme costing £800 (payment up-front) where clients attend for 1½ hr sessions following achievement of their individual weight-loss goals (not weekly).

This includes any necessary support between sessions. This programme does not include a diet plan as it aims to retrain your mind in relation to your lifestyle, exercise and food choices. This provides greater chance of success and maintenance of your desired weight or body size. Please contact me for more details.

Payment by cash or online banking at least 2 days prior to the day of the appointment. 48 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling is required. 




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