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Nail biting, compulsive disorders, smoking, are learned behaviour. And learned behaviour can be unlearned. By understanding the function of these habits, we can find out how to re-frame our thinking and head off behaviours we have outgrown.


Stress can be good for us! Imagine the adrenaline before a race or musical performance, helping us to be our very best. This is good stress or eu-stress. But when it affects us negatively, it turns to ‘di-stress’. Understanding our primeval selves and how to process the daily stress build up that leads to anxiety conditions, is the first step to creating a more relaxed and healthy life.


A wide range of conditions are exacerbated by our response to stress. The interesting fact is that what we tell ourselves about our challenges is the cause of this response. Why do some people ‘cope’ and others not, in exactly the same situation? We can change these thought processes and teach ourselves how to respond more positively, supported in the process by the unconscious mind through hypnotherapy.

New - Hypnotherapy in Calm Pregnancy and Childbirth for mums and/or dads! 


Eating habits are seldom about food itself, and more about the role food plays in our lives – reward, treat, fuel to grab and go, something that oils the wheels of social occasions… When we understand what makes us eat inappropriately, we can be alert to triggers and find other ways to fill the need. Ask about my 6-week plan – no diets included!


Adrenaline can be a great aid to achievement, or it can make you anxious, over-vigilant, in flight or fight mode. I specialise in this area – read about my music background on my ‘About me’ page.



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